Facts you didn’t know about locks

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Locks are part of our everyday lives. Without them, the world would be a far more frightening place. If you consider how many locks you’ve encountered today, you’d see just how important they are in our daily lives. From padlocks on gates to the ones we use to keep our trailers and assets safe, locks give us peace of mind. Although we’ve become immune to their brilliance, there are several things to appreciate about locks. This is so much so, that there are a few interesting facts that could surprise you. Here are the fascinating facts that surround locks.

The oldest lock

Found in a cave in Egypt, this lock was around 4000 years old by the time it was discovered. This led to the thought that the Egyptians were the true creators of the lock. Other notable inventions from this ancient civilisation include the likes of paper, ink and a system for writing.

The largest of all padlocks

From standard padlocks to all weather padlocks and even aluminium ones, none could come close to the size of this particular lock. A Russian Arts College have the Guinness World Record for the largest padlock. Awarded in 2003, this record was won by a lock that weighed a whopping 415 kilograms. With a height of 1.4 metres, it features engraving and a crest.

There’s nothing scary about skeleton keys

Despite the theories about skeleton keys and even a Hollywood movie, skeleton keys aren’t as frightening as some of us have come to think. The truth is, they got their name from being stripped down to their most basic parts. It’s why they can open many locks. When keys have been lost, locksmiths will use a skeleton key.

The man behind the Pin-Tumbler lock

The Pin-Tumbler lock mechanism, commonly employed in cylinder locks, was invented by Linus Yale Jr., the founder of Yale Lock. This lock mechanism uses different lengths of pins to stop the lock from being opened without the right key.

Harry Houdini’s real career

Prior to his fame as an escape artist, Houdini was a locksmith. From as young as 11 years of age, he worked in a locksmith’s shop. Here he discovered all the tricks of the trade as well as how to pick a lock in no time at all. He then went on to become the greatest illusionist of all time.

The first combination lock

The chances are that you’ve owned at least one of these and forgotten the code too. A man by the name James Sargent invented the very first combination lock that could have the combination changed post manufacturing. The American first created this as far back as 1857. Today, it’s still very much part of the mechanisms that we rely on today.

The evolution of the locksmith

Did you know that locksmiths did more than just cut keys and pick locks? Prior to the mass production of locks, locksmiths used to make them by hand. This also meant customising locks for every application. With industrial means surpassing the need for handmade solutions, they now stick to their present tasks instead. Many of the more skilled locksmiths will still ‘pin’ cylinders and padlocks to ensure multiple locks are keyed alike (they all use the same key) or master-keyed.

Unlocking peace of mind is simple

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