Why your business needs an access control system

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For every business, security is a primary concern regardless of the industry that you find yourself in. Whether you’re a small to medium enterprise or a large corporation, you need to make sure that your assets, staff, premises and information are secured at all times.

This means deploying proper safety measures like access control systems. The best access control solutions are the ones that provide exceptional security, ease of use and priceless peace of mind. At ASSA ABLOY, we offer a range of these that keep intruders out and safeguard your most valuable employees and information.

Here are a few reasons to install and utilise access tags in your business.

A clear trail of use

Keeping track of who enters and exits your building is vital. This is because it gives you a chance to monitor activities related to employee performance. Should any suspicious events occur, you can use the data from your system to determine who was present at the time of the incident. This intel can also be used as evidence to assist in investigations. It is particularly useful when it comes to disputes or conflicting information from the parties involved.

Easier access for authorised persons

Whilst standard lock and key solutions are still used today, these don’t work for businesses with a larger number of employees. If your workforce is larger, you would benefit from a system like this one that doesn’t involve physical keys that can be duplicated easily. The tags used in an access system cannot be replicated and each tag is unique to the person who carries it because it is linked to that person’s details. With physical keys, once lost, locks need to be changed, resulting in additional cost and lost time.. Thanks to more modern approaches like the tags associated with digital systems, employees at various levels can get in and out safely and easily, whilst leaving a trail.

Fast, effective lockdowns

In emergencies, some businesses might need to implement a building lockdown to restrict who enters and leaves the premises. This can be made far easier and much quicker with the help of an access control system. A system like this also makes it simpler to account for every employee should the need arise.

Maintain productivity

Although the link between security and productivity isn’t always an obvious one, proper access measures will ensure that your business’ technology is far more secure. This means that incidences of theft will be few and far between. As a result, your employees will have greater periods of uninterrupted work. This will make them more productive without the worry of stolen computers and other goods costing valuable time and money. 

Ease of installation

Installation of an access control system does not always need to be a costly and time consuming exercise. With solution wireless access control systems offering the same security as wired alternatives, any building can be upgraded to have a fully-fledged access control system.

Keep control of your security at all times

Whilst you might employ an external security provider, it helps if you have additional backup like effective access measures. When security staff leave to go home for the day, your system will still be working. This means that it can save records of anyone entering the establishment after hours or when they shouldn’t be there.

The future of your business rests on the choices you make

At ASSA ABLOY, we know that every business owner wants what is best for their organisation. It’s why we offer a range of trusted and accredited solutions that provide priceless peace of mind. If you’re looking to install and implement a new method access for your premises, why not talk to the experts on what your options might be? With a wide range to choose from, there’s bound to be an ASSA ABLOY product that suits your needs and budget. To ask us about our offerings, please do so by contacting us.