Accessorize your home with wall and door stops and save yourself repainting and repairing cost


A door stop is such an important part of door hardware but it is often overlooked. This small piece of hardware does more than holding doors open with many more benefits that could see you saving money. Door stops are offered in a wide range of different styles which are designed to suit your home’s requirements. The advantages of installing door stops around your house are listed below:

Protect your walls

Often when we open the door, the handle bangs on the wall behind it which can result in significant wall damage, especially on dry walling . Door stops ensure that the handle does not bang on the wall by stopping the door. This saves you money and the time it takes to repaint the marks on the wall left by the handle.

Protect the handle

When the handles bangs on the walls, this causes damage to the handle itself which can result in the handle eventually breaking. This will call for constant repairing or replacement of your door handle.

Protect the lock

When the handles bangs on the wall repeatedly this can also affect the lock as this is attached to the handle. The internal workings can be affected which in turn compromises security and could mean the lock stops working altogether.

Eliminates slamming and noise

With the rubber buffer on the door stops, the slam noise caused by the door banging on the wall is eradicated.


ASSA ABLOY offers a wide range of doors stops. If you’re concerned about a tripping hazard, ASSA ABLOY also offers door stops that can be mounted on the wall.

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