ASSA ABLOY offerings that can improve your peace of mind

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The security of your premises is imperative regardless of whether it’s your home or place of work. It’s why you should keep your entryways properly secured at all times.

From sliding doors to wooden doors and even electronic safes, there are several ways you can up your safety factor. At ASSA ABLOY, we are proud of our range of trusted solutions that our customers can depend on. As a result, we’re considered the global leader in door closing solutions.

If you are looking for a few effective ways to improve the security on your property, there are several ways that you can do so. With a host of expertise on the subject, the team at ASSA ABLOY are well versed in pairing the right products with your existing doors and infrastructure. This results in the perfect and seamless combination of technologies that deliver on added security. Here are a few of our solutions that might be perfect for you and your needs.  

Flexirol Sliding Glass

If you have sliding doors and want to secure them without compromising their overall aesthetic, our Flexirol Sliding Glass offers an ideal solution for internal doors. This is especially effective if you operate a conference centre, hotel, shop, showroom or office space.

As a high-performance product, it is less inclined to deteriorate with regular use, keeping your premises, assets and employess safe at all times. Altough this system is better suited to large doors, it offers a specialsied glass clamp profile for toughened glass in order to provide additional security.

ASSA ABLOY's range of quality sliding gear products is also tailored to suit your needs. By offereing the renowned Henderson brand, our products are functional, durable and dependable. Why not browse our range today and see which solutions best suit your doors?

UNION Door Furniture

The UNION name is synonymous for quality and reliability. It’s why we offer it to our customers looking to boost their security and peace of mind. At ASSA ABLOY, our range of handles and accessories enhance the look of any door whilst performing very important protective functions.

They are also made in a variety of styles and materials. This includes the likes of aluminium, brass and stainless steel too. Our lever handles can be used in low and high traffic areas, especially where users might need to open or close a door whilst their hands are full.

Pull handles are another offering we’re known for and these are often used in higher traffic areas should the doors in question need a more hardy solution that can be utilised alongside a roller catch or door control. UNION knob handles are an effective offering that many of our customers trust.

Electronic key safes

Where the safe storage of a large number of keys is concerned, our electronic key safes lessen your risk and prevent theft, loss and cloning of keysThis makes it an irreplaceable piece of hardware that ensures your peace of mind. These open with a code, meaning that the lock can’t be picked and it isn’t easily outsmarted.

With electronic key safes suiting a number of industries, they’ve fast proven their value as practical and necessary security measures. A recorded audit trail of use allows for further inspection should an incident occur that requires clarity.  

Reliable insights and solutions

When the security of your premises is at stake, it pays to have a little help from the experts. With the continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence, our products are consistently updated to deliver the safety, security, technology and convenience that we are known for. The demands of today’s modern living are rapidly changing, shouldn’t the door closing solutions you trust stay up to date with the times?

At ASSA ABLOY our range of trusted hardware and years of experience allow us to provide the best solutions on the market. Our partnership with internationally-renowned providers means access to quality products that never let our clients down.

To learn more on our brands, offerings and even our legacy, why not get in touch with us today?