See who is knocking on your front door before you decide to let them in


Sometimes we do not want to open for every person that knocks on our front door and that’s okay because we sometimes need undisturbed time to ourselves or with family.

Understanding this, Yale has introduced the Digital Door Viewer range which allows you to see who is knocking on your front door with just a touch of a button. These Digital Door Viewers replace the traditional mechanical viewers and enable you to not only detect who is on your front door but provide a safe way to identify potential bogus callers before opening your door. With these Digital Door Viewers in your possession, you will get that advantage all of the time. The person behind your front door, will not know that someone is at home because you can discreetly use a camera to see them first.

The standard Digital Door Viewer will offer you the peace of mind you need by allowing you to view and identify who's calling at your door on a 4" LCD screen. The view that you would normally get from your traditional door viewer is often not that great. The vision may be distorted by the glass of the viewer, and normally the user would need to place an eye to the door thus darkening the peephole and signalling someone is home. This makes it harder to pretend to be out when your visitor sees the lens darkening. These Digital Door Viewers from Yale give you a clearer view of whoever is outside of your door without giving a signal to your visitors. These viewers also provide a high-definition video, allowing you to get a good look at the people outside. The Digital Door Viewers are easy to install and can replace your mechanical viewer without any additional work and at a lower cost.

The optional internal memory can capture still images of people who have called at your home whilst you were away, at work, running errands or simply inside the house for some much needed me-time. The still images are captured with the time and date stamped on to help keep track of who has been visiting your home. With the 0.3mp built in camera and night vision function, you are ensured of clear images whether it’s during the day or at night. These digital door viewers also feature a viewing angle of either 105 or 110 degrees, allowing you to viewer a bigger space. This will help you in detecting if more than one person is at your front door.

These digital door viewers automatically save the images into viewer’s internal storage and can save up to 50 images. If you receive a high volume of visitors, you can extend the memory with an external memory card, allowing you to save as many pictures as you want.

Usually the height of a traditional door viewer is not right for all people. The digital door viewers allow you to install them at a height that will accommodate everyone in the house. These viewers are also suitable for use by kids and the elderly as a single button allows you to view who is outside without the need to open your door. The premium Digital Door Viewers are built with a door bell integrated on the outside. This enables your visitors to ring the bell which will notify you whenever a person is outside your door.

Make your life easy and switch from a traditional door viewer to a Digital Door Viewer today, and have full control of who you let inside your home. Contact Us today!