Why your business needs emergency exit devices

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Your work premises is more than just a venue where you conduct daily operations. It’s a place where many employees gather. This presents a high risk should an emergency situation occur.

As a result, panic exit devices should be part of your safety protocol. From push bars to door accessories, here’s why you might want to implement a few around the office. 

What is an exit device?

This refers to devices that on mounted on the egress side of a door. Whether they’re called panic bars or push bars, they perform an important function. In order to use them in an emergency situation, the spring-loaded bar needs to be pushed. This opens a lock and allows a speedy way to open exit doors and evacuate the building in a faster time frame. These are usually fitted on such doors as these present the best way to move large volumes of people out of a compromised building effectively.

Why should you install them?

Not only is a push bar the safest option for exiting a building but because their mechanisms are simple, there’s a much lower chance of malfunctions. This also makes them easy enough for anyone to use. An Outside access device provides added security to doors as well. This is because they prevent the doors from being accessible from the outside.

A push or touch bar can also be linked up to your existing alarm system. This means that a distress signal will sound when the bar is pushed and the door opens. It will also alert you when an exit door is opened unnecessarily. In the event that an emergency occurs and not everyone is aware, the sound made by the alarm will raise concern and ultimately action.

Whilst you have a few panic hardware choices, it is important to note a few more factors. Regardless of what you choose to fit to your exit doors, there should be a clear and unobstructed path to a place of safety beyond the door. This is especially vital in buildings where there are large concentrations of people. Without a proper evacuation path and a place of safety, injuries and even deaths can occur.

Such hardware and evacuation plans should be part of your daily conduct. This means that every member of staff should be trained in what to do in the event of an emergency. With proper training and regular drills, your employees can make swift exits a reality when disaster strikes. From fires to burglaries and even collapsing structures, there are numerous incidences where you could need to evacuate the premises. By placing emphasis on exit procedures and marking doors that are used for emergencies, you can make sure that every person knows how to safely get out.

With many people finding it difficult to focus in times of crisis, panic hardware is most effective is when it is as simple as possible. This makes properly installed touch bars the best way to escape unharmed without any accidents.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your building is properly secured. This will allow for minimum casualties when disaster strikes. Installing such devices alone is not enough. You’ll need to be committed to maintenance in order to ensure that everything is in working order. As a result, regular checks should be conducted to identify any weak areas that need reinforcement. If you’re interested in boosting the safety in your place of work, why not speak to the trusted experts in door closing solutions? For more on our impressive and respected range, contact us