Enhance your access control system with door controls


The access control systems installed on your building allow you the peace of mind you need knowing you have control of who enters your building. Enhance your security and pair the system with door controls to ensure that doors remain closed at all times.

While the access control system ensures that no unauthorised persons can enter the building, a person with cleared access can enter a room with sensitive information or valuable assets and unintentionally leave the door open as they exit, which is something we often do unknowingly. This tampers with your access control system and compromises the security of your valuables.

That is why door controls are there to ensure that the door closes every time it has been opened. The door controls from ASSA ABLOY come in the form of an overhead or floor spring. These door controls have adjustable closing and latching speed and are compatible for your timber and aluminium doors. Not only do these door controls enhance your access control system but they also ensure that the air conditioning works efficiently to keep the temperature consistent without interference from outside air as a result of unclosed doors. Additionally, door controls are highly recommendable for fire doors to ensure that if a fire erupts, the door always closes to contain the fire in one room and prevent it from spreading to the entire building.

Ensure full function of your access control systems and install door controls to your security doors today.

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