Five ways to boost home security in a new house


The prospect of purchasing and moving into a new house is an incredibly exciting one. Your mind is probably abuzz with what you’re going to do to make it your own.

This includes décor, the garden and everything else that makes it “your place”. This often means that you might not be thinking about home security. That’s okay, you’re forgiven but we’d like to draw it to your attention.

Sadly, it’s a known fact that many crimes tend to occur in our own homes. This makes proper safety measures a must for your house. At ASSA ABLOY we’re the specialist in door opening solutions and access systems that give you priceless peace of mind. Here are a few ways to boost your home security, and you can check out the YaleLock webstie for more information on some of these.

Make sure your doors are properly secured

The first place to reinforce is your access points like doorways. Effective door security will ensure that these main entry areas are effectively protected against forced entry by intruders. We have a range of trusted door hardware that is perfect for achieving this but it is important to note that the existing doors must be viable and compatible with such solutions.

Check that the security alarm is in working order

It’s a common occurrence for alarm systems to cease working due to a lack of proper maintenance. We suggest checking the system before you move in so that you can have peace of mind that everything is in working order. You might even find that some components need replacing or updating. If this is the case, you’ll be able to get this done before you and your family move in.

Get some assistance from camera security

Evolving technology means that it’s now more efficient than ever to properly secure your home. Thanks to CCTV and home view cameras, you can keep tabs on your home and premises whilst you’re not there. This makes time spent at work and on holiday more peaceful because you can check in when the need arises. Such defence mechanisms are also useful if an incident does occur as you’ll be able to identify people who entered your home without consent. Another great function of these is to identify who is at your gate before you go outside to let them in. This reduces your risk of incidents.

Invest in a safe for those priceless items

Unfortunately, many only consider the importance of a safe once a robbery has occurred. By installing a strong safe in a hidden place, you’ll be able to store assets that are of great worth to you. This is also a place where firearms can be stored away from young children that they pose a risk to. Important documents can also be housed here to ensure that they aren’t lost or stolen.

Boost your security at home by speaking to our team of experts

At ASSA ABLOY, we understand that your home is your place of refuge. It’s why we offer a range of tailored solutions that safeguard it and everyone under its roof. Whilst we might not provide cameras and alarm systems, our products can be seamlessly integrated alongside these protocols in order to ramp up the overall level of protection. Don’t wait until an emergency unfolds before you consider the security of your property. Take matters into your own hands and act now. For more on what our systems and solutions can do to improve your peace of mind and safety, please get in touch with us today.