Six ways to increase your security at home or work

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Security is a major factor to consider when running your business, and just as important at home. The basic principles are much the same though and it’s worth properly securing premises and assets.

It’s why safety measures should be considered an investment, rather than an expense. From security doors to electronic safes and even biometric access controls, here are six ways that you can safeguard your business or home.

1. Conduct a risk assessment

To identify which areas need a little extra attention, we recommend calling in a professional who can lend their expertise. As an additional measure, we suggest that you involve your staff as well. This is because they might be privy to a few insights because they work in the building daily. By flagging areas around the premises that are leaving you exposed to threats, you can actively improve on these and boost your overall security.

2. Consider biometric access controls

Let’s face it, keys can be lost, stolen or copied. This leaves your business vulnerable to trespassers and thieves. Biometric access systems are a great way to limit the dangers posed by traditional keys. With every member of staff having their own unique fingerprint or even access card, there’s less chance of incidences. As an added benefit, you can track who enters the building and when. This is because these kinds of systems leave a useful digital trail of all activity. And at home, you could put a digital door lock with a pin code reader or tag to ensure no illicit access.

3. Install electronic safes

Both residential and commercial safes provide protection of assets and priceless peace of mind. Should you have any devices like laptops, tablets and hard drives lying around, you should keep them in a secure place that is out of sight. A digital safe is an effective way to do this as it offers a more advanced security offering than traditional safes might. Depending on your budget and how many you require, it is worth spending a little more to ensure that your assets are properly protected.

4. Pay attention to your perimeter

External threats are just as worrying as internal ones. It’s why you should guard your property from the outside. Installing spotlights and proper fencing will go a long way towards deterring trespassers but it’s also worth looking at more advanced measures. Motion-triggered alarm beams will also be a welcomed addition to your security system, as would the physical presence of a guard who can patrol the area during the night. These days, there are enough discreet device options on the market. This means that any protective measures don’t have to compromise the overall look and appeal of your premises.

5. Know who you are letting in

Whilst this might not always be possible, knowing who is entering your building can help to prevent unnecessary theft. If someone is visiting, perhaps it’s a good idea to have them wear a name tag for visitors. This will allow you to spot them if they’re in an area that they shouldn’t be. For employees (whether at home or work), a background check is a sensible undertaking considering that they’ll be in your workplace and around fellow employees. Again, this is where biometric access comes in. Thanks to each person’s unique fingerprint, no one can attempt to pose as anyone else in order to enter your building.

6. Stay up to date with the latest door opening solutions

At ASSA ABLOY, we pride ourselves on remaining up to date with the most advanced products. This enables us to provide our customers with a range of powerful solutions that accurately meet their needs. For more on our extensive range and what they stand to offer you, we invite you to get in touch with us today.