Prevent lock outs with keyless Smart Door Locks


We all have had those moments where we panic about losing keys, getting locked out of your home and worrying about the keys falling into the wrong hands. This does not only inconvenience you but also compromises your security and those of your loved ones. Install the Keyless Connected Smart Lock from Yale and ensure quick and easy yet secure access to your home.

The digital door locks from Yale are designed to aesthetically enhance the appearance of your door and enhance the style of your home. Yale’s Keyless Connected Smart Lock offers you the option to open your door using a PIN code, RF card and even a phone sticker which you simply place at the back of your phone for your easy access when you have your hands full.

This system also allows up to 20 users who can have unique PIN codes to access the house or can simply share one PIN depending on your preference. To get more out of your investment, you can also set up a one-time pin which is only valid for 24 hours. This enables you to grant limited access that automatically expires without the need to manually revoke access for that user.

This Keyless Connected digital door locks keypad from Yale is IP55 rated. There is no need to worry about rain beating down on your keypad. The Keyless Connected Smart Lock is finished in a silver satin nickel and comes with a 2 year guarantee to assure you of the best quality. For full functionality you can connect the lock to the Yale’s Smart Home Hub, allowing you to remotely lock and unlock your door for your visitors or helper from anywhere using the Smart Home App.

Ditch the keys and live smartly with Yale’s digital door locks that allow for unmatched security and convenience. This solution is suited for your home and small businesses.

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