Different types of locks: The Benefits

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Whether internal or external do you know if your doors are fitted with the correct locks and provide you with the best security?

Between the likes of mortice locks, UNION cylinder rim locks and, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little confused.

At ASSA ABLOY, it’s our goal to educate customers on the offerings available to them. Through this, they’ll be armed with the information they need to choose the correct door locking system for their specific needs. From night latches to mortice locks and even cylinder locks, we’re taking a closer look at each kind and what they stand to offer you.

Cylinder Rim Locks and Night Latches

The above terms refer to two different kinds of locks but they form part of the same locking mechanism. Together, they offer the height of security and functionality. Although a night latch can be fitted on its own, combining it with other types of locks will help to boost the overall safety offering. A clear advantage of a night latch is that it is reliable. Using a key instead of a handle to unlock the door from the outside, it provides added security. Another benefit is that a night latch is designed for simplicity and convenience where the latch bolt enables users to close the door from inside, instead of needing to turn the key to do so.


Mortice Locks

Although a classic lock option, mortice locks are a must for any door. As one of the most common yet effective kinds, they are trusted by many regardless of door type or application. These are a popular option for both commercial and residential purposes based on their durability and reliability. The levels of security in a lock like this will depend entirely on how many levers are present.

Mortice locks exist in lever or cylinder option. Lever options vary from  to 5 levers with a higher amount of levers offering better security and are suitable for external doors, while 2 and 3 lever variants are better for internal doors. Cylinder locks offer the highest level of security and combined with a patented cylinder ensure your home is properly secured. A lock like this is advantageous because of the way it is installed inside a cavity cut into the door. This makes it tough to penetrate.   Assessing the material the deadbolt is made of also offers insight into the level of security, hardened steel deadbolts are harder to break and result in better security.


Cylinder Locks

Also known as Europrofile cylinder locks, these offer the best form of security from a mortice locks and are  can be fitted and replaced relatively easily. Don’t be fooled by their simple exterior, they need a unique key to open them. They are a first choice for those who need frequent rekeying as they can be unscrewed and replaced, all without needing to alter any of the hardware. It can also be used on various kinds of doors making it practical and versatile. More benefits of this variant include that they are easy to install and remove and that there are even anti-snap options available to prevent security breaches.


Don’t wait until your doors are compromised

At ASSA ABLOY, our range of respected offerings has provided our customers with the peace of mind that they deserve. If you’re looking to secure your doors and entryways, why not speak to one of our experts? With several impressive international brands on offer, there is a trusted solution waiting for you. For more on how we can boost the security of your doors, please contact us today. We would love to be of service to you.