Increase control and maintain security with a Master Keying System in your business

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If you own a business, you already know the importance of security and ensuring that the company’s valuables and confidential information is kept safe and secure.

One way of ensuring that your business has the desired level of security is to have a properly designed and maintained master key system.

master keying system can be suitable for residential use but can also be highly beneficial for commercial use such as corporate offices, retail stores, hotels, apartment complexes and even schools. This master keying solution helps you increase control, while maintaining security throughout the building.

In a master keying system, each individual lock is operated by its own unique key and in addition, a control key also known as a master key operates all the locks in the building or particular suite. This enables for convenience by allowing you full access to your entire business while limiting access to certain individuals.

Another upside of using a master key system is that you will not need to carry many keys for each and every door there is on the premises. This affords you the ultimate convenience while maintaining the best security for your business.

For example, you can have 3 keys, where each key can be designated to open all doors on a particular floor. One key can be for all doors on the second floor, the other key for second floor doors and last one for all doors on the 3rd floor.

This system will not compromise security, nor will it give access to everyone to all the doors on a particular floor as the locks on each door can be keyed to differ. This means that the locks can be operated normally with an individual key that is made to only open one door and cannot open other doors on the floor.

These individual keys can be used by certain people who only need access to that particular room on the floor, whereas the master key will only give you, as the owner, access to all the doors on the floor. ASSA ABLOY offers all of the products and services to help you implement a new master key system, or expand an existing one.

If you would like, you can also turn your system into a grand master key. In this system you can have one key that operates all three floors, and you can give the three separate floor keys to individuals such as security guards, cleaners and maintenance staff to only open their designated floors, while still giving you access to the entire building with just one key.

It is recommended to give these master keys to only a limited number of people. Furthermore, additional locks can be added without the need to have new keys made.

To find out more how you can install a master key system on your business premises, contact ASSA ABLOY. Our team of trained and certified Key System Specialists will help you design a secure master key system, develop and implement key control policies, select the right cylinder for each doorway.