Why mortice locks are still popular today

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Mortice locks have always been effective in securing doors. Although locks have seen many technological advancements over the last few decades, the mortice variety is still a trusted option. Here’s more on this type of lock, how it works and why many still swear by it.

How they work

The mechanism of mortice locks requires a mortice or space in the door frame in order to function correctly.The lock body is fitted inside of the door. This means that it isn’t easy to attack but still allows full functionality. Mortice locks are available in two-, three-, four- or five-lever or cylinder options.. At ASSA ABLOY, we recommend between two and three for internal doors, with exterior doors requiring between cylinder or four and five. With cylinder locks providing maximum security, this is often the top choice for many.

Installing a mortice lock

It’s why we suggest getting a professional to do this before attempting to do it yourself. Precision is key in this regard, especially when it comes to removing wood from the door. In order to guarantee its effectiveness and your safety, it’s better not to risk it.

A highly secure solution

When properly installed, a mortice lock is exceptionally secure. They’re also difficult to pick, making them a reliable choice for many looking to install new locks on their doors. This is because the deadbolt in a mortice lock is heavy and can only be closed or opened with the exact key provided. 

Perfect for high use

Mortice locks are versatile and effective for most environments, but their hardiness makes them attractive to those who don’t want to be replacing locks time and time again. Those who move into older premises may find that mortice locks still intact and in perfect working order.

The brand synonymous with the mortice lock

UNION the trusted lock brand from ASSA ABLOY, is  a name synonymous with safety and security for over 170 years, we believe that their products are reliable and offer our customers true quality. UNION’s offerings are also designed for high security and are accredited with the South African Bureau of standards. Compromising on these standards is simply not an option for UNION and they have built a legacy of trust that remains today.

Talk to the global leaders in door opening solutions

With technology constantly changing, the ASSA ABLOY offering is continuously evolving with it. This means that our products are always in line with industry developments as they unfold. With an unwavering commitment to delivering the best of safety, security and convenience, we are proud to provide solutions that meet the demands of modern living. If you’re looking to secure your home or business premises, we’ve got a host of products to give you peace of mind. For more on our ranges, brands and specifications please visit our website today. Should you want to talk to a member of our team, please contact us.