What makes an effective security door?

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If you think about it, commercial doors are more than just entranceways for us to gain access to our offices or premises.

Security doors provide protection from burglars who mean us, our property and employees harm. Where our assets are concerned, improper safety measures can often leave them at risk of theft and damage. This is especially risky in a business setting where inventory, possessions and data could be lost forever.

How safe are your premises’ security doors and how well do they perform when put to the test? Sadly, we often only find out once an incident has left us compromised and impacting our bottom lines. When choosing high security doors, there are a few things you ought to look for in order to guarantee your protection and your money’s worth.

Access should be a priority…

Aesthetics aside, your safety is key. Yes, you want a door that looks inviting and impressive, but there’s no point if it doesn’t perform on a security level. The first factor to address is that of access. Does the door allow you, staff, customers and service providers to get in and out with little hassle, whilst offering enough resistance to opportunistic thieves? If the answer to both questions is “yes”, then perhaps you’ve found the right option.

Looking at the width of the door is also vital as businesses often need to bring deliveries through their front entranceway. If your premises has side access that can be used for this instance, then this shouldn’t be an area of concern. However, if you lack alternate routes to bring in furniture and supplies, you might want to consider a wider entrance door.

Another factor is that of the climate. Weather patterns can prove to be a challenge depending on what the door is made from. Can it successfully cope with changes in climate over a period of time without you having to continually replace it? This is vital for business owners who see security as an investment but also understand the importance of value.

When it comes to security, the locks on your doors are of the utmost importance. The same can be said for what the door is made of, its thickness and even how it is installed Steel doors are the most durable and can be finished in aesthetic way, but solid wooden doors also provide a secure alternative for entrance doors. This means that the need for a balance of safety, appearance and practicality can be met at all times.

Chat to those in the know

Speaking to a qualified professional is the first step in choosing the right door for you. A knowledgeable person will be able to take a look at your specific space and advise on a few solutions based on your needs. They’ll also put your mind at ease with the right accreditations and guarantees. You might even find that you don’t need new doors, you just need better locks for the existing ones at your premises.

For products that offer form, function, beauty and security, why not take a look at ASSA ABLOY’s offerings that include the likes of ballistic and blast doors? With a variety to choose from, there are bound to be several that will suit the specifications and budget constraints of any project. Speak to our team of experts and allow us to suggest the perfect solutions. For more on our product ranges and for why we’re trusted providers in the commercial sector, please contact us or browse our products today.