Security solutions for the hospitality sector

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Those who work in hospitality will understand the need for effective safety measures. Whether at a hotel, lodge or a bed and breakfast, it’s important to ensure a high standard of security at all times.

This is vital for maintaining guest satisfaction and ensuring return visits, time and time again. At ASSA ABLOY, we pride ourselves as the world’s leading provider of hotel locking systems, in-room safes and energy efficient management systems. From high-security doors to safes and more, we strive to guarantee the safety of every guest who visits the establishments of our clientele. Here are a few areas where you will be able to enjoy the effectiveness of an ASSA ABLOY product.

Main entrances

The main entrance of any establishment needs to be as secure as it is impressive. With this being the first line of defence, high-security doors are a must. ASSA ABLOY offerings are safe, practical and aesthetically pleasing. This is why many hotels around the world choose us to help them welcome their guests in safety and style. As an added benefit, we offer ease of access functionalities like automated sliding and revolving doors in order to blend in with any establishment’s existing design style.

Guestroom measures

As a paying guest, you would expect nothing less than total security and peace of mind. It’s why we provide efficient and reliable locking systems that deliver on safety and ease of use. Our cutting-edge smart card solutions allow guests to get their room keys on their smart phones, making traditional room keys a thing of the past. This allows them to open their doors with little hassle.

Safe and sound

The safety of personal items is also a concern for many guests. In line with this, we offer a range of in-room safe options for priceless peace of mind. Whether digital or more traditional, these safes deliver a modern aesthetic as well as the practical application of protecting treasured goods. 

Emergency exits

Whilst these are seldom used, emergency exits are a vital part of what we do. At ASSA ABLOY, our commitment to the wellbeing of our customers and their clientele includes the likes of emergency exit measures. It’s why our offerings extend to fire rated doors, intelligent panic exits, security doors and devices that protect people and their property from harm. By enabling the fast and effective evacuation of guests, all hotels can rest assured that they’re prepared for emergency situations.

Making every guest experience one to remember

It’s the little things that make for an unforgettable experience. It’s why our range of solutions are indispensable to those in the hospitality industry. By keeping your guests comfortable, secure and happy, they’ll be more likely to recommend that others stay with you as well.

For more on what our extensive product range covers, why not be in touch with us today? Our experts are waiting for your call and are more than happy to lend their expertise.