The future of home security

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The future of home security is one characterised by innovation, quality and greater peace of mind. With technology getting more and more advanced, it’s providing several improvements to various aspects of our daily lives.

Residential locks are just one example when you consider how home security has come to evolve. As thieves get smarter, surely the systems that we rely on should be changing too? As the global leaders in door opening solutions, we’ve seen the advancements over the years. 

From residential locks to CCTV cameras and more, new new-age safety measures stand  to offer you a host of benefits. From enhanced security to priceless peace of mind, there’s much to be gained from modern innovations in this area. 

Door locks have been around for about 6 000 years. The earliest form was a pin lock which, although innovative at the time, was quickly outsmarted by pickers or a skeleton key. Today’s locking solutions are far more advanced, taking into account several of the risks and pitfalls that exist.

Although traditional locks are still popular in our markets, the availability of higher security alternatives are already available. On the mechanical front, patented key technology in cylinder locks ensure that keys are not easily duplicated unless a security card is presented along with the key. These mechanical cylinders can also include features like anti-pick to prevent intruders from being able to pick the cylinder. On the digital front, digital door locks are providing an alternative to standard keyed entry. Here, acess can be controlled either with pin codes, tags or mobile app-controlled solutions.

Checking up is on the rise

Another important security measure is that of digital door surveillance systems like CCTV and Digital Door Viewers. These are easy to install and often come with motion sensors, LED displays and video recording features. This can also be combined with an audio intercom to offer a more complete solution. By seeing and hearing who is at the door, you’ll be aware of who you’re opening up for. This footage is also useful in the event of an attempted robbery, should the thieves use your front entrance.

On the subject of footage, CCTV systems have also received a modern update. Today, those who rely on the solution can access it remotely via apps on their smart devices. This provides a useful tool that allows you to keep an eye on your premises should you be away or at work. Many also send alerts if the alarm has gone off, allowing you to log on and see what is happening in real time. This is something that suits homeowners who travel regularly.

Being able to check in on your premises is a sure way to give you peace of mind no matter where you are. With the help of an internet connection and a device that facilitates the app, there’s no reason why you can’t protect your home around the clock. Should anything transpire, your CCTV footage can be handed over to authorities and used in a potential investigation. This is often a crucial part of catching the culprits.

Does your property need a few security updates?

If your home and family could benefit from more modern safety measures, why not let our team of experts help? With safety and access control measures making up only some of our offerings, there are several ways that we could be of service to you. Our brands are some of the most trusted ones worldwide. This means that quality and reliability can be expected with every ASSA ABLOY offering. For more on us and what we do, please contact us or browse our range of products.