Why choose ASSA ABLOY’s Cam-Motion® door closers?

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ASSA ABLOY door closers are suitable for a wide range of applications. From residential to commercial and public sectors and for light and heavy doors.

ASSA ABLOY offers a full range of Cam-Motion® door closers. Cam-Motion® technology makes doors open and close smoothly, easily and securely.

ASSA ABLOY Cam-Motion® door closers ensure the door is light to open while retaining its closing power. This makes Cam-Motion®  door closers ideal for use in institutions such as schools, hospitals and residential homes where the young, elderly and disabled may struggle with the forces associated with a conventional door closer.

Cam-Motion®  door closers are also suitable for buildings with high traffic. This is to ensure smooth and effortless entrance and exit.

Below are a few reasons why ASSA ABLOY Cam-Motion® door closers are the perfect choice for your doors.

1. Flexible installation

ASSA ABLOY’s Cam-Motion® door closers can be specified and installed in four fixing applications – on door or frame-mounted and in both push and pull applications. These door closers can also be mounted on the hinge or non-hinge side of the door making them suitable for any door application,

The fixing application therefore need not be factored into the scheduling process as it can quickly be changed on the door at short notice, facilitating flexible planning.

2. Safety in case of an emergency

Smoke and fire doors may only be equipped with door closer systems which are fire-rated and certified in compliance with EN1154.  ASSA ABLOY’s Cam-Motion®  door closers are approved for single and double leaf fire and smoke protection doors with different usage requirements.

This means that the door closers are designed to withstand fire and heat for a longer period, affording the occupants of the building time to safely evacuate. ASSA ABLOY’s door closers are fire-rated for up to 240 minutes, ensuring you of a functional fire door in case of an emergency.

3. Safety and comfort guaranteed

Cam-Motion®  door closers are suitable for use on internal and external doors with the DC700 door closer being particularly suited for doors exposed to heavy use, high wind pressure or windy conditions. By slowing the door down, it can actively help prevent trapped fingers too.

4. Enhance building aesthetics

In order to achieve a uniform appearance, especially in large buildings, ASSA ABLOY door closers offer an attractive design with varying performance features. With the stylish new design providing you with both product excellence and a consistent aesthetic appeal.

5. Award winning door closer range

ASSA ABLOY’s range of redesigned door closers has been recognised in the 2018 Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture.  This design award is given to products and buildings that contribute to innovation in architecture.

With the innovative Cam-Motion® technology inside, the range stands out as door controls that provide door opening experience with quiet, safe and secure door closing as well as consistent product improvement. The elegant appearance of these door closers also adds to the overall design possibilities available to the architect.

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