Keyless entry & Virtual keys

Keyless entry, virtual keys and mobile lock control represent the new generation in security. ASSA ABLOY provides a number of applications using virtual access credentials.

Contactless services, such as payments, ticketing and loyalty have already been integrated into mobile phones. The same development is now happening in the lock industry with NFC-enabled smartphones that can be used for access control and as virtual keys.

The ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys Platform ensures end-to-end security and is applicable for access control and key control in residential, commercial and hotel applications. Security managers can manage credentials from a central access control system and easily issue mobile keys to mobile phones with NFC technology.

In addition, ASSA ABLOY offers a range of digital door locks and electronic keyless locksets for convenience and keyless entry for residential and commercial use.

Electronic Digital Door Locks

Unlock your life with the latest technology from ASSA ABLOY's Electronic Digital Locking Collection. With ASSA ABLOY Electronic Digital Locking you are no longer constrained to using a mechanical key to unlock your front door. Instead, you can choose if you want to use the quick and secure electronic key, a remote controller, or a PIN keypad for a completely keyless solution.

Mechanical Digital Door Locks

Mechanical Digital Door Locks provide keyless entry with simple, cost free changing of the digital code combination. Today the next generation 'DX' locking system raises the security and durability performance of the ASSA ABLOY range to a new and unrivalled level.

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