RFID Readers

The variety of identification applications using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags is endless – from animals to automation to waste management.

RFID contactless security solutions record performance, track and report trends, keep records, identify outliers and automate information collection. A fully automated RFID system built on secure contactless RFID technology from ASSA ABLOY Group company HID Global can help ensure seamless traceability, tracking and recording that enables organizations to reduce losses and human handling errors while enhancing processing speeds or providing compliance information.

HID Global designs and delivers a full range of RFID system components including tags, antennae and readers in frequencies ranging from low and high frequency to UHF. For contactless and contact based payment or access control, HID offers multi-application and technology convergence components compliant with major standards.

Any reader using the appropriate RF signal can get the RFID tag to communicate its components. A wide range of powerful, versatile RFID readers are available today.

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