Door Automatics

Automatic doors are in demand because they offer a simple and convenient security solution to entrance and exiting. Through it's broad product range, ASSA ABLOY has the unique ability to integrate automatic-door operation with locking and access control.

Besam is the world-leading supplier of automatic door systems, for use in different environments where people live and work. Right from the start, in 1962, Besam became aware of pedestrian traffic concerns that are unique to various market sectors. Global experience and local awareness are two factors that have contributed to making Besam the product of choice of automatic door systems.

This approach opens a whole new range of possibilities for you - as a customer of ASSA ABLOY. The ASSA ABLOY Door Automatic Systems Division will take care of your automatic doors from start to finish, from technical support in planning and design, to planned maintenance and service. Quite simply, if you choose door automatics from ASSA ABLOY, you choose convenience, cost reductions, safe passages, solutions to traffic problems, doors that are aesthetically pleasing and enhanced security.

Door automatics for all types of doors

Automatic door systems for all types of sliding doors
Besam 's automatic door systems for sliding doors are supplied as a complete package. For environments with high traffic flows, entrances with customer trolleys, as fully glazed solutions in elegant environments where aesthetics are critically important.
Automatic door systems for all types of swing doors
For both inner and outer doors. The system is compact and blends in well into different environments. The door system can be provided with a discreet mounting which conceals the whole of the top frame.
Automatic door systems for curved sliding doors
The curved door system with its discreet design is easily adapted to all environments where the architecture imposes high demands. Sliding door systems are available in various models and for most applications.
Automatic door systems for integrated balanced doors
The door system is integrated into the door leaf, making this a perfect opener solution for narrow passages or in corridors. Combines the benefits of swing and sliding door systems.
Automatic door systems for all types of revolving doors
This is the best solution if you wish to avoid draught entrances. Choose between 2-, 3- or 4- winged systems. A feature shared by all of these is that they effectively separate the outdoor and indoor climate.
Automatic door system for space-saving swing doors
This system can be readily adapted for use in the renovation of existing entrances with swing doors. It offers a popular solution for businesses and shops that want to look modern.