Powershield Glazing

We manufacture and install top quality glazing systems for a wide variety of applications, all covered by independent fire testing. Whether the requirement is for glazed doors, internal glazed screens or  external windows, we can produce high performance products to suit your needs.

Technical Infomation

Testing and Certification, Product Performance, Design and Evaluation, Further Protection, and Fire Certification

Glazing is made of steel profiles which are perfectly cut and welded. This production method makes it possible to obtain all sizes and to use various subdivisions (muntins): horizontal, vertical and diagonal. 

Design and Evaluation

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality glazed door  to suit almost any application.

All of our products are supported by a team of professionals, offering our clients technical solutions and assistance at each stage of their projects from concept to completion.

Fire Certification

Glazed doors FD30, FD60, EI 30, EI60.

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