Cylinders are available in four different variations.

  • Rim Cylinders
  • Euro Profile Cylinders
  • Oval Profile Cylinders
  • Circular Threaded

A traditional cylinder operates on a row of lateral pins. When the right key is inserted into the keyway, it will lift all the pins to the correct height so that the plug can rotate and the lock can be opened.

Mechanical cylinders are supplied 5 pin as standard, or six pin on complex master keyed systems, security cylinders and special orders.

A standard 5 pin mechanical cylinder can have over 4,500 key combinations which is ideal for most domestic and commercial applications. When a higher level of security is required, a six pin cylinder, which has over 40,000 key combinations should be specified.

Keying Options

To Differ (ie Standard)

Indicates locks can be supplied with a standard range of different keys. The range of different keys available with pin tumbler cylinders is approximately 5000.

ABC - Cascading Keying

Used by electricity utilities who use different keyed alike suites of padlocks to secure HT, LT and meter rooms/kiosks. Up to five levels of access are offered,

  • A - Highest Level (HT Rooms): A key opens A, B and C Padlocks
  • B - Middle Level (LT Rooms): B key opens B and C padlocks
  • C - Lowest Level (Meter Reader): C key opens C padlocks only.

Master Keyed 

Indicates that designated locks can be manufactured to be operated by two different keys, one, the "Servant Key" operates individual locks, whilst the "Master Key"

Keyed Alike

 Indicates that designated locks can be manufactured to be operated by a single standard key. Locks are described as being "Keyed Alike to Standard Differs".  Alternatively, designated locks under a Master Key or Grand Master Key system can also be keyed alike. These are described as being "Keyed Alike under Grand Master Key".

Guaranteed Differs

On special request, up to 5000 locks can be supplied with each having a set of 2 unique keys.

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