The Yale padlock range, perfection reinvented.
It may seem like an impossible task to improve on an object that has already been part of our lives for generations. However, with new developments in design and innovation, materials and changing end user needs, Yale applies new insights into production techniques to make its products user-friendly and as secure as possible.

Yale offers a range of padlocks, which are ideal for commercial, industrial and residential use. The range includes open and closed shackle variants to suit the particular application, together with a choice of hardened steel or stainless steel shackles.

Keying Options

"To Differ (i.e. Standard)" - indicates locks can be supplied with a standard range of different keys. The range of different keys available with pin tumbler cylinders is approximately 5000.

"ABC - Cascading Keying" - used by electricity utilities who use different keyed alike suites of padlocks to secure HT, LT and meter rooms/kiosks. Up to five levels of access are offered, these include: A - Highest Level (HT Rooms): A key opens A, B and C Padlocks B - Middle Level (LT Rooms): B key opens B and C padlocks C - Lowest Level (Meter Reader): C key opens C padlocks only.

"Master Keyed" - indicates that designated locks can be manufactured to be operated by two different keys, one, the "Servant Key" operates individual locks, whilst the "Master Key" operates all locks. This group of locks are referred to as a "Suite", hence the term "en-suite" locks. There are limitations to the number of locks that can be master keyed in a single suite. We recommend that you consult your ASSA ABLOY technician sales consultant in this regard."Keyed Alike" - indicates that designated locks can be manufactured to be operated by a single standard key. Locks are described as being "Keyed Alike to Standard Differs".  Alternatively, designated locks under a Master Key or Grand Master Key system can also be keyed alike. These are described as being "Keyed Alike under Grand Master Key".

"Guaranteed Differs" - on special request, up to 5000 locks can be supplied with each having a set of 2 unique keys.

Shackle Materials: Hardened Steel, Stainless Steel and Hardened Boron SteelBody Materials: Brass, Steel and NylonShackle Type: Open, Closed and Long

Key Retention: This means that when the padlock is open, the key cannot be removed. This is ideal for use with hasp & staples and security chains.