Panic & Emergency Exit Devices

Exit devices and panic exit devices from ASSA ABLOY are safety devices which ensure a free way out at all times, while restricting door entry access.

ASSA ABLOY‘s range of Panic Exit Devices can be used in applications where users are unfamiliar with their route and means of escape in an emergency. Panic Bars, which cover the width of the door, allow immediate escape when pressure is applied. Panic Exit Devices are tested to EN1125 and CE Marked.

ASSA ABLOY‘s range of Emergency Exit Devices can be used in applications where users are familiar with their route and means of escape in an emergency. Devices are operated by either a lever or paddle handle allowing immediate escape when pressure is applied. Emergency Exit Devices are tested to EN179 and CE Marked.

The Role of Exit Hardware

In a building, escape routes are designed to be used in both emergency and panic situations. Escape route include corridors, staircases and all other routes leading to a safe area outside the building.

The exit doors located on escape routes and at the final exits from a building, should normally always open in the direction of escape. There may be exceptions, but to the likelihood of special weather conditions (heaps of snow outside, for example) or because of the use of building such as hospital or hotel rooms.

Exit hardware is the name given to any equipment in a building which is intended to open the exit doors located on escape routes. Ease of escape (safety is always the first priority, but resistance to unauthorized entry (security) should not be compromised, partly because it could have a negative effect on safety.

Protecting Lives with Escape Hardware

History shows that, after every disaster, the public authorities respond with new legislation and regulations. In most countries where major disasters have occurred, better solutions are now enforced. Why should we wait for the next disaster before we act?

Traditional thinking often fails to recommend the most suitable solutions for a panic situation. New solutions that take account of recent technical developments and experience drawn from real disasters around the world are now readily available.

Within the ASSA ABLOY Group, we have a vast amount of expertise in the area of panic and emergency exit hardware and its application in many countries throughout the world. Our hope is that we can assist anyone with an influence on the selection of hardware for escape routes to make an informed decision about products which could save lives.