Security and access control solutions in industrial premises

The industrial and utilities sector faces numerous security challenges such as extreme weather conditions, protection of sensitive research and development or manufacturing areas and multiple entrances and levels of access rights.

Security requirements may vary depending on the type of business activity, such as research and development, storage of fuels or energy, and the size and location of the facility. Locking systems, access control and life-safety solutions need to provide flexibility, a high level of security and be robust enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Electronic access control systems and master key systems guarantee easy entry for the right person at the right time while security is provided in the form of emergency exits, mechanical locking systems and safety lockout devices.

Main areas where ASSA ABLOY can offer an integrated solution:

Perimeter and grounds security: access control systems allow remote monitoring of the facilities from a central location and ensure that all visitor access is controlled.
Sensitive R&D, manufacturing and storage areas: high-security and customized blast proof and fire doors ensure the safety of the people and equipment in the event of an explosion or a fire. High-security doors integrated with access control systems are also important in restricting access to off-limits areas.
Outdoors facilities: electromechanical locking systems, mechanical locks and padlocks designed to operate under extreme weather conditions deliver the protection of outdoors facilities.
Safety lockout of machinery: safety lockout padlocks ensure machinery and vehicles are not operated during maintenance operations, avoiding accidents.
Emergency exits: rapid exit solutions combining ease of egress security, including fit-for-purpose fire doors and panic exit systems that protect both people and property during emergencies and prevent intrusion from the outside at all times.