Residential locks and security systems

Locks and security systems for individual homes and apartment complexes must offer protection against burglary and theft whilst being convenient and user-friendly.

From entrance security doors using traditional mechanical locks and cylinders to cutting-edge digital door locks and motorized cylinders, security solutions for residential applications should be suited to individual needs for safety, security and convenience. These can also include CCTV and alarm systems.

Main areas where ASSA ABLOY can offer an integrated solution:

Entrance doors: Electromechanical locking solutions and digital door locks provide security for the entrance to private homes. For apartment complexes, access control solutions using smart cards enhance security against intruders whilst allowing the entrance of maintenance staff at scheduled times.
Garage doors: garages can be secured using mechanical or electromechanical locks and alarms which are easy to fit and easy to use. For apartment complexes, access control systems using readers and tags allow residents in and keep intruders out.
Windows: digital as well as mechanical window locking solutions provide additional security to private homes and can be customized for any type of window.
Alarm systems: wired and wireless alarms can be fitted to doors and windows to provide complete security to private homes.
Other areas: padlocks provide additional security throughout the house, from the garage tool cabinet to the garden shed, keep children away from dangerous areas and protect assets and property from theft.